Local Lunchbox: Mix & Match Recipes

August 19, 2020

Georgia Grown

Whether your kids are sitting around a lunchroom table or in front of a computer, treat them with an awesome lunch assembled from the recipes below. Mix and match to create a week’s worth of delicious and nutritious meals.


These Georgia Grown recipes are made just for kids- some recipe cards even come with an additional activity. Involve your kids in the kitchen and get them excited about learning with our local lunchbox recipes!


PB&J Quesadillas

Give a boring old peanut butter and jelly sandwich a twist by turning it into a toasty quesadilla that will make your kid the talk of the lunch table.


King’s Hawaiian Chicken Panini

Sweet King’s Hawaiian bread makes these chicken paninis kid-approved.


Fruit Chicken Salad

Have your kids help make this easy chicken salad filled with apples and strawberry banana yogurt! They can eat it with crackers or on a sandwich as a fruity, savory entree.



Blueberry Yogurt Parfait

A blueberry parfait in a jar is a beautiful and healthy treat your kids can’t help but eat!


Apple Dip

Elevate your apple game with a sweet but healthy Greek yogurt dip.


Marinated Tomato & Cucumber Salad

Soaking chopped veggies in Italian dressing the night before is an easy way to give zing to boring, raw vegetables.


Creamy Carrot Dip

All sorts of fresh, chopped veggies can be enjoyed in this easy, creamy carrot dip.



Peanut Butter Balls of Goodness

Peanut butter, bananas, and cocoa make for a sweet treat that will give your kids lasting energy!


Microwave Peanut Brittle

Homemade in the microwave! This peanut brittle couldn’t be easier, so grab your kids and just a few ingredients to make a perfect lunchbox dessert.