Jams & Jellies

We like our jams and jellies sweet – but we like them spicy, too. Try artisanal flavors like habanero pepper or uniquely Georgian mayhaw or muscadine fig.

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Tastes like a grape, grows like a fig.

If you’re new to Georgia, you may be new to mayhaw. Unique to the Southern states, it’s a berry that grows near creek beds and ripens around, you guessed it – May. Tart and tangy, it’s a favorite for jams and jellies.

A toast to so many uses!

Not just for morning bread or PB&J anymore, Georgia jams and jellies are being eaten up by gourmet foodies. You’ll find our favorites with meats and cheeses on charcuterie plates, added to sauces, stuffed into pastries or even mixed into craft cocktails.

Gourmet jams and jellies in Georgia

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