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Sweet, sticky and scrumptious syrups and honey. We're one of few states that produces the highly coveted, best-in-class Tupelo honey. And our other varieties are delicious, too.

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If your nose hates pollen, your taste buds can help.

Do you suffer from allergies? A great way to combat those seasonal sniffles is to enjoy the sweet deliciousness of honey made by Georgia bees from local pollen. It not only tastes great, but it will also help boost your immunity.

To bee or not Tupelo bee.

Fruity, floral and cinnamon-scented, Tupelo honey is produced in a small region of the swampy South, making it a rare delicacy. Beekeepers often have to access their hives by boat since White Ogeechee Tupelo trees only grow in marshlands.

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