Cheese Straws, Crackers & Snacks

No one does snacks quite like the South, we invented the cheese straw after all. Here's our fresh, local favorites we can't get enough of.

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Cheese straws may not look like straws at all.

Pimento, cheddar, pecan crusted – you might just find the southern staple in “straw” form (elongated deliciousness) but they often look like crackers and wafers. No matter the shape, they all fit your hand-crafted craving perfectly.

Crackers and snackers.

Buttery, flakey and oh-so savory, Georgia makers and bakers are making fresh, locally sourced crackers and snacks daily. We don’t just eat them by the handful, we love them by the bag, basket and bucket load.

Locally made cheese straws, crackers and snacks

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