Alpaca & Llama

Georgia's camels? Well, almost. Alpaca and llamas come from the same family of camelids, which also include guanacos and vicunas.

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No drama with these llamas.

Alpacas and llamas make great groundskeepers. Llamas chase off predators (and can tell the difference between coyotes and dogs), while alpacas are “litter-box” animals with designated poop areas. Neither pull out grass by the root but instead just nibble the tops.

Alpaca pride.

There are only two breeds of alpaca – huacaya and suri. Huacayas, which count for 80% of all alpacas in the U.S., have fluffy, crimped, wool-like fleece great for knitting. Suris have silkier, heavier, mohair-like locks used in high-end fabric blends.

Alpacas and llamas in Georgia

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