Vidalia® Onions

Consider these the champagne of onions because you can't call them Vidalias unless they're grown in Georgia. We're justly proud of our official state vegetable.

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Spring and summer just weren't enough.

Fresh Georgia Vidalia onions are a seasonal favorite, but thanks to state-of-the-art,  controlled-environment storage (invented right here), you can enjoy them all year. Naturally, we have the perfect climate to grow Vidalias. Technologically, we have the climate to keep them year-round.

Welcome to Sweet Onion City.

Growing Vidalias since 1931, the Montgomery County city of Vidalia recognizes its most famous resident with a yearly celebration. Each spring, the 4-day Vidalia Onion Festival features an air and car show, parade, rodeo, cook-off and the Miss Vidalia Onion Pageant.

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