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Herb Shed

May 23, 2021, 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Herb Crib: Native Plants and their Medicinal Values

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Event Summary

To those of you who could not get into the last seminar, here is a chance to one more

Progress has brought us so many good things…technology,computers,smart phones,social media and cars that drive themselves, but in many ways things used to be much better we are smarter- but we’re not wiser. We own more stuff- but staff we don’t really need and we live longer lives- but we’re not healthier the truth is, we have never been more disconnected from life, from the world, from the soil, from the plants and from our own souls there is a holistic philosophy of being self-reliant – of connecting your mind with your body and your body with nature We will take a walk around the farm learning the growing habit of native plants and wild weeds, their uses and how to make herbal medicine

  1. Identifying Native Plants
  2. Growing Native Plants
  3. Using Native Plants for their medicinal values


The Herb Crib
2998 Track Rock Church Rd.
Blairsville,Ga 30512