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March 18, 2021, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM


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Event Summary

Farms are essential to the future as they feed Georgians and power the economy. Yet, the future for agriculture in Georgia is in question in part due to an inability to successfully transfer farms to a new generation.

According to a recent report by American Farmland Trust, Georgia had the 5th most threatened farmland in the nation and converted 545,000 acres of farmland to real estate development from 2001-2016, including some of the best agricultural land in America. 4 in 10 farmers in Georgia is over age 65. These farms can be at greater risk if farmers feel forced to sell their land to pay for retirement – often to a real estate developer.

The Farmland for the Future in Georgia session is a discussion forum targeting professionals, farmers and landowners that want to strengthen support for successful farm transfers. The event will begin with an introduction to farm transfer planning and its importance in Georgia with most of the time committed to an active discussion about questions such as:

• What are the biggest challenges facing farmers and landowners in transferring farms?
• ‘What’s working’ and who are the key players in supporting farmers and landowners with farm transfer planning?
• Are there changes to public policies or new resources or programs that could make a difference with transferring farms to a new generation?