The 2020 Georgia National Fair Starts Virtually October 8th

September 30, 2020

Georgia Grown

The Georgia National Fair will begin virtually Thursday, October 8! This virtual fair will be online until Sunday, October 18, and will feature everything you could expect from Georgia Grown. Just because we’re not meeting in person doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun!

The fair will include:

Delicious Recipes

Cooking videos of awesome game day recipes that will be a hit for your family, friends or whoever is lucky enough to get a taste. If that isn’t enough, there will also be a delicious kid’s recipe that you’ll have to add to their lunchboxes.

Live Calf Birthing

The fair will host an opportunity like no other to watch a calf birthing with special narration so you can learn everything about the wonderful process. Join us to watch the calf take its first steps!

Live Pig Birthing

Just like the calf birthing, we can ensure that the piglet birthing will be another must-see moment for this virtual fair! Visit the Baby Barn to learn about the birthing process, the importance of animal agriculture and veterinary science.

Georgia Grown Highlights

2020 has been a different year and we want to highlight the heroes that kept going which provided relief to us locally and globally.

Educational Materials

Educating is a part of our mission, this fair will provide helpful knowledge surrounding agriculture, the Department of Education’s fueling Georgia, Georgia Grown Story Hour, Jack O’ Lantern preservation, plus much more.

Livestock show

Both weekends on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be our livestock shows!


The Georgia National Fair’s store will be online, and it will have all the great tasty products Georgia Grown has to offer!

You do not want to miss this awesome fair! We can’t wait to have you there!