North Georgia is the center of the state's apple industry with more than 85% grown in Gilmer and Fannin counties.

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An apple a day, all year long.

Georgia’s apple varieties include Ozark Gold, Paulard (July – August); Red Delicious, Golden Delicious (July – December); Rome Beauty, Mutzu Crispin (August – December); Empire, Jonagold, Jonathan (August – September); Arkansas Black, Fuji, Granny Smith, Stayman Winesap and Yates (October – December).

Johnny Appleseed? More like Jarvis.

Not to be outshone by his presidential cousin, Jarvis Van Buren moved from New York to Georgia seeking business opportunities in 1838. He purchased land in Habersham County and, impressed by the local apples, created the commercial industry we know today.

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