Animal Bedding

From small pets like gerbils and hamsters, to livestock like cows and chickens, we won't rest until you find the animal bedding you need.

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No bed of roses, but smells just as good.

Animal bedding is made mostly from baled dry shavings of aromatic materials like Red Cedar, Ponderosa Pine, Chlorophyll Pine and Aspen. In some cases, these wood products are mixed with non-wood agricultural residues like corncobs. Animals love it. Humans do, too.

Early to bed, early to rise.

Bedding is important down on the farm, too. Pine shavings are popular for poultry houses, but are in short supply. Giant miscanthus grass is being tested as another option. Cows prefer soft, clean, dry sawdust, wood shavings, sand and rice hulls.

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