Take the Challenge

And taste the difference! Whether it’s juicy peaches, sweet Vidalia onions, or crunchy pecans, Georgia farmers grow the best produce in the nation. That’s why we invite you to take the Georgia Grown Challenge! Compare the flavor of any Georgia Grown product against another’s state’s produce and you’ll understand why Georgia is Nature’s Favorite State.

The Georgia Grown Challenge

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, First Lady Marty Kemp, and Agriculture Commissioner Tyler Harper have taken the Georgia Grown Challenge. Have you?

Taking the challenge is easy! Simply:

Try any Georgia Grown product against any other state’s produce. Then, let us know why you think Georgia Grown produce is the best in the nation by filling out this comment form. You may even see your challenge comment show up below!

What People are Saying
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Green Thumbs and then some

Why Buy Georgia Grown?

Support local Business

Together, we help build or communities and their economies – providing income to thousands of residents.

Bring Georgians together

We're known for our Southern hospitality, the warm welcome provided to travelers and tourists. Same goes for our neighbors.

Protect the environment

We promote responsibility and sustainability, not just through words but through our actions.

Taste the difference

We offer the perfect soil and climate to grow a variety of produce. Through member collaborations, it gets even better.

We have deep roots in sustainability, quality and integrity. So do our members.

The Georgia Grown brand is desired by business and consumers who want to buy and promote Georgia’s locally grown products. Complete your free business profile, become a member and promote your business as Georgia Grown!


"The GG program has increased the demand for local apples tremendously. We now have access to institutional markets such as schools, where nutritionists are requesting Georgia apples, and a lot of chain stores want to feature locally grown fruit."

– Tim Mercier, Owner


“Georgia Grown has been such a great partner with us, in helping us grow the business through relationships, meeting people, conferences, and getting our product out there to all the retail stores. We love Georgia Grown; it’s been awesome!”

– Margaret


“Our growth and our success are largely due to the help we’ve received from Georgia Grown and we hope that all the other members will take advantage of the many marketing opportunities available within the program.”

– Dave Legasse, Owner