Chef Julio Delgado

Executive Chef of New Realm Brewing in Atlanta

Award wining chef Julio Delgado is the Executive Chef of New Realm Brewing in Atlanta.

His diversity of cuisines and sophisticated flavors describe the Euro-Latin American Cuisine Style of Chef Julio Delgado, who was born in Ponce Puerto Rico. Julio came from a family heritage rich with celebrating life through food as memories for a lifetime. His grandfather Polo Lopez was a Butcher who owned a very successful Butcher Shop during the decades of the 50’s and 60’s. Among his fondest memories as a child he will always remember that his family constantly talked about food and different ways to make it taste better. All his favorite family conversations took place in the kitchen.

Julio graduated with honors in 1993 at the top of his class from the Hotelier School of Puerto Rico. In the years directly following school, he pursued classical cooking techniques from opportunities that permitted him the ability to expand and experiment with his vision. Chef Julio fulfilled an ambition and personal goal with tenure in the kitchens of The Bankers Club of Puerto Rico, Augusto’s Cuisine and Compostela Restaurant All rated as the top restaurants on the island. Some of the Awards and accolades that best describe Chef Julio are, Top Teen Future Chef in San Juan PR for 2000, Member of the Puerto Rican Culinary Team where he won 3 gold medals, best Chef Table 2007, Best restaurant 2008 as well as top 5 new restaurants and most unique dining experience in Atlanta in 2016. Julio was also the Food Network Winner of Cutthroat cooking show. As the Chef of the Ritz Carlton Hotel he had been a key member of the opening for Ritz Carlton; San Juan, New York Battery Park, Reynolds Plantation, Orlando Grand lakes, Ritz Carlton Jupiter, Lathe Tahoe and Ritz Carlton Toronto.

Chef Julio has already achieved what many chefs strive to accomplish, yet he has no signs of stopping.